The Wombell (OneBell) Simulator

Located at the end of the north isle near the organ is our Wombell Ringing Simulator.

It was built by Saxilby Ringing Simulators and purchased with financial help from Sheffield City Council's Northern Community Assembly in February 2013.

It must only be used under supervision of one of our ringing teachers.

The name for something designed to imitate a real church bell's behaviour in this way is a 'dumbbell'

It has many uses including:

It is a realistic demonstration of how a real church bell is rung by a ringer

It shows how a bell in the tower rotates full circle

It is a safe way of teaching ringing to young people

We hope it generates interest in learning to ring the real bells in the tower at St Mary's

It is portable and can be moved for use at galas, roadshows and events

It introduces the concept of ringing to an audience through demonstration

It raises the profile of ringing through an initial  hands-on experience

You don't have to climb the tower


If you would like to have a demonstration or have go at ringing on the Wombell please ask any of the following people:

  • Stuart Armeson
  • Phill Hirst
  • Andrew Beevers

Or contact us

We would like to thank the ringers at Swaffham, Norfolk for their help in obtaining this simulator for us.