If you have a special occasion and you want to make it even more special why not have the bells of St Mary’s rung for 45 minutes by our team just for you.


 It could be for an anniversary, birthday, engagement, christening, or just as an unusual gift for someone special.  Bells are often used to celebrate events, let them celebrate yours.

If we ring for 45 minutes It’s called a Quarter Peal and involves 6 or 8 ringers (6 or 8 bells) and over 1250 changes.  The performance is recorded in the Ringing World journal, on the ringers’ website and you would be presented with a certificate to record what has been rung, who rang the bells and why.

If it's fine weather, listen to the bells from the churchyard or while walking in the lovely countryside nearby.

Please contact us to see if we can do this either for you or on your behalf as a unique special gift for someone else.

All this would be done for a minimum donation of £30:


Telephone: 07977694069

Conditions:  The time and date of the Quarter Peal would be decided by agreement with the bell ringing team and the Vicar of Ecclesfield.