Quarter Peals

A quarter peal is a long length of ringing and must be at least 1250 changes.  Quarters are rung to mark special occasions or personal acheivements of ringers, for example a ringer could ring a quarter peal to qualify as a member of the Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers.  A quarter peal takes about 45 minutes to ring and we sometimes ring them before the Sunday service.

Both peals and quarter peals are published in the weekly ringers magazine - 'The Ringing World'.  The Campanophile website lists performances from towers around the world.  Ecclesfield's quarters and peals are listed on the site.

We welcome applications from teams of ringers who want to ring peals or quarter peals at St Mary's. Please contact us by e-mail at: ecclesfieldtower@hotmail.co.uk to make a booking.

On Any Number of Bells

We don't have to ring all 10 bells for a quarter peal.   We have some options, these are:

6 bell quarter peals can be rung on either the front 6 bells (1 to 6) or the back 6 bells (5 to 10) or the front 6 of the back  8 (3 to 8).

 8 bell quarter peals can only be rung on the back 8 to sound musically correct (3 to 10).

Our Quarter Peals

To avoid you having to scroll down a long list, we are only listing this year's quarters on this page.  The previous years quarters can be found by using the links below to the Adobe .pdf files.

We did not have any quarter peals rung in 2023.

Recent Quarter Peals - These are the quarter peals rung at St Mary's Ecclesfield during 2024

Click on the date link to find full details of the quarter peal.




Click on the date link to find full details of the quarter peal.  F6= front six.

Contact Us

You can email us at: ecclesfieldtower@hotmail.co.uk  or you can ring our contact number 07977694069 and leave us a voicemail message.