The Ringers at St Mary's

 Real people ringing real bells.

Tower Captain and Ringing Master -  Philip Hirst

The Tower Captain is the person elected by the Vicar and the ringing team to manage everything to do with the tower on behalf of the Church.  He is the leader of the ringers and is supported by the Secretary, Steeple Keeper and Treasurer.

The term 'Tower Captain' is an ancient title used throughout the ringing world for the person in charge.

The Tower Captain/Ringing Master runs the actual ringing for Sunday Services, Practice and weddings.  Philip organises the ringing for special events and is accountable to  the Vicar and PCC.

Steeple Keeper - Andrew Beevers

The Steeple Keeper is the person elected by the team to look after the bell installation.  Andrew inspects all the fixtures and fittings regularly, recording the findings and repairing or arranging for repairs when required.  The bells have moving parts, clappers, pulleys and bearings.  Bolts have to be kept tight, ropes free moving and the iron frame painted.  The ringing room and belfry need to be kept clean  and tidy.  All these duties fall within the remit of the Steeple Keeper.

Treasurer - Chris Newton

Looks after the finaces of the team and tower.  Donations, wedding fees and expenses are all managed throughout the year and accounts presented for at the Annual General Meeting.

Tower Secretary - Helen Goddard

Running a team generates paperwork and emails.  Helen looks after all our office work, replies to enquiries, bookings, wedding ringing and meeting minutes.

The Ringers

We have a loyal band of ringers who keep Ecclesfield's bells ringing week on week and year on year.  WIth 10 bells we always need more ringers and we welcome anyone wanting to learn how to ring them.

Contact Us

You can email us at:  or you can ring our contact number 07977694069 and leave us a voicemail message.

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