The Ringers at St Mary's

 Real people ringing real bells.

Tower Captain    Philip Hirst

The Tower Captain is the person elected by the Vicar and the ringing team to manage everything to do with the tower on behalf of the Church.  He is the leader of the ringers and is supported by the Ringing Master, Secretary, Treasurer and Steeple Keeper.

The term 'Tower Captain' is an ancient title used throughout the ringing world for the person in charge.




Ringing Master   Stuart Armeson

The Ringing Master is the person elected by the team to lead and run the ringing for services and weddings and the format that ringing takes on practice nights.  He leads and coaches the team as they progress with their change ringing.

When the bells are ringing it is the Ringing Master who decides what methods will be rung and for how long.

Stuart also arranges the ringing for special occasions, the Ringing Centre , quarter peals and Say it With Bells.



 Steeple Keeper   Andrew Beevers

The Steeple Keeper is elected  by the team to look after the bell installation.  The bells and clappers are moving machinery with a combined weight of over 3 tons.

It all has to be looked after to make sure the bells operate correctly, easily and safely tens of thousands of revolutions each year.  Andrew keeps records of the safety inspections and work undertaken as well as carrying out regular routine maintenance to the frame, bell fittings, pullies, and ropes and keeping the bell chamber clean.  The ringing simulator and its associated fittings and electronics are the responsibility of the Steeple Keeper.


Meet Some of The Team  

Bell ringing is probably the ultimate team activity.  We practice hard to be as good as we can, every team member is incredibly important.  The future of ringing depends on every team member.  It is great to be part of a team of ringers.  Come and join, you could be in the next photos on this site.


 Andrew, Stuart and Kath

Ringing is a skill that once you have learned, you never forget.

All the bells are easy to ring but the heavier ones need a bit more effort.




June, Kath, Jennifer, Barbara, Stuart


The ringing chamber table has ringing books, the Ringing World magazines and our supply of chocolate.




Lynn, June, Andrew Philip, Stuart , Jason


The mats on the floor stop the rope wearing out because part of each rope hits the floor at every pull.





Philip, Jennifer, Lynn, June, Stuart, Helen

Our team is made up of people who  have been ringing at Ecclesfield for many years, some new ringers and people who we are teaching to ring.  We are also joined by our regular visiting ringers from other towers.

Sometimes people leave and others move in to the area having learnt elsewhere.  If you have learnt to ring in years gone by but somewhere else, please consider joining us and taking it up again.  if you used to ring at Ecclesfield, please come back.

In the past, many pupils at Ecclesfield Comprehensive learnt to ring these church bells, if you are one of the school ringers and you are not ringing anymore, come and visit us.  Now is the time to take it up again.

To get an idea of some of the other things we do, some related to ringing, some not, look at the Latest News section using the link at the top left of this page.

Contact Us

You can email us at:  or you can ring our contact number 07977694069 and leave us a voicemail message.

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