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On 12th December 2012 Ecclesfield Church was invited by BBC Breakfast to be the venue to present a report on a study by The Churches Conservation Trust and a fitness charity which found campanology improves core strength, agility and co-ordination. We were up at 5.00am to meet the BBC reporters and crew.

All 10 bells ringing and footage of the ringers was broadcast live on National Television at 6.00am. Each half hour the programme returned to us and more ringing and interviews were broadcast. By 9.30 it was all over. Great atmosphere and an exciting experience for us all. We would like to thank our neighbours nearby for their goodwill and tolerance of bells being rung so early.

This is a link to the BBC website News, Health page which has a video of one of the interviews.


This video is of our Tower Captain Phil Hirst being interviewed while work to put the bells back in the tower was being carried out in November 2011.