Latest News from 2015

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13/12/15 - Peal

This Peal rung at Ecclesfield was a record breaker.  It was 5040 Spliced Surprise Royal in 3 hours and 25 minutes and consisted of 84 different methods.  This is the most Spliced Surprise Royal methods rung in a Peal for the Yorkshire Association and for all the band.  It also included a method rung for the first time named Comparative Surprise Royal.  More information..................

05/12/15 - Peal

A peal was rung members of the Yorkshire Association this morning.  5000 London Surprise Royal in 3 hours and 3 minutes.  More information..............

28/11/15 - Sheffield Branch Ringing Meeting at Bradfield

Members of our team were ringing at St Nicholas Bradfield this afternoon and afterwards we enjoyed a really nice evening meal in the Old Horns Inn next to the Church.  

14/11/15 - Quarter Peal

A special congratulatory quarter peal of Grandsire Triples was rung for June Hawley on her retirement with best wishes for the future.  More information..........

08/11/15 - Quarter Peal for Remembrance Sunday

A Quarter Peal of 1295 Plain Bob Caters in 52 minutes was rung half muffled today for Remembrance Sunday.  More information.........

31/13/15 - Autumn Fayre

The Autumn Fayre was held today in the Gatty Hall and the Church.  We opened the tower to visitors and quite a few people climbed the spiral staircase to see the ringers and the bells.  If you did and are interested in learning to ring, please contact us on email:

24/10/15 - Sheffield Branch Ringing Outing

Some of our ringers were in Staffordshire today on the Branch ringing outing. On the way down through Derbyshire we called in to have a ring on the privately owned Little Eaton Campanile, 12 bells mounted in the roof of a garage with a Tenor of 1cwt 1qtr 11lb.  Then on to Staffordshire and a ring on the heavy 6 at Hoar Cross.  Next was Yoxall before lunch.  Our dinner time pub was the Olde Peculiar in Rugeley for pre-ordered food and drinks.  Afternoon ringing started at Mavesyn Ridwarefollowed by Armitage and finally Kings Bromley.  

04/10/15 - Visiting Team Quarter Peal

A Quarter Peal of 1282 Cambridge Surprise Royal was rung on Sunday afternoon by a team of ringers on their quarter peal weekend.  Called Geraldo's 2015 "Yorkshire" QP Weekend, details of the Ecclesfield quarter and the others rung by the team during their weekend are on Bellboard, use this link to see them.

30/09/15 - Ringing at Thrybergh

Some of our team joined in ringing at the Thrybergh practice night tonight.  Ringers from Beighton and Wortley also there.  A good evening of ringing ranging from Rounds and Call changes to Cambridge Surprise Minor.

19/09/15 - Yorkshire Association General Meeting

The Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers was holding its general meeting in our area today. Ringers from all over Yorkshire were able to ring at Hoylandswaine, Penistone, Wortley, and Ecclesfield before a service, tea and meeting at St Mary’s, Rawmarsh. Many people turned up to ring at Ecclesfield, at one point over 30 ringers were in the ringing chamber. 

18/09/15 - RAF Guild Visit

A visiting team were ringing at Ecclesfield today. It was the Royal Air Force Guild of Church Bell Ringers who are on their Battle of Britain Annual Tour. They are spending three days ringing in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire area. More info on their website:  

09/09/15 - Quarter Peal for our Longest Reigning Monarch

A Quarter Peal was rung this evening on the day Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd became our longest reigning monarch.  1260 Plain Bob Royal in 52 minutes.  More information………

22/08/15 - Ringing at Whiston

Some of our ringers were at the YACR Sheffield Branch joint ringing meeting with Chesterfield District ringers at St Mary Magdalene Church, Whiston this afternoon.  To the accompaniment of torrential rain and thunder we had a good couple of hours ringing on the 8 bells.

31/07/15 - Quarter Peal at Wentworth

4 of our Sunday Service band  were ringing at Holy Trinity Wentworth on Friday.  A special quarter peal rung immediately prior to the wedding of Victoria Jayne Hunton and Nathan Richard Nelden.  More information...........

Ecclesfield Treble Bob Minor Gets an Airing

An interesting find on Ringing World Bellboard.  In June this year a team have rung a Quarter Peal of 1320 Ecclesfield Treble Bob Minor on a mini-ring in Devon.  This method was composed and named after Ecclesfield.     More information...............

25/07/15 - Ringing and BBQ

On Saturday afternoon members of our team joined others from the Branch ringing at St James the Great, Norton.  This 8 bell tower has a new ringing gallery where the ringers stand to ring the bells.  Norton had always been a ground floor ring, the ringers ring from the ground floor at the back of the church.  Following extensive work  to install a kitchen and DDA toilet in the tower area the ringers are now on the top of these rooms higher up but still visible to the congregation.  It’s a much better ringing experience, easier to handle the bells and more space.  One wall of the gallery is a lovely stained glass window.  We went to have a ring from the new gallery.

Following the ringing Norton Tower Captain had arranged a barbeque for us all at his home.  It was a sunny evening, food was great and we chatted into the evening with our ringing friends from the Sheffield Branch.

18/07/15 - Ringing Course Visitors

The bells were ringing on Saturday evening by ringers who were on the Storthes Hall Summer Ringing Course weekend.  Over 35 ringers turned up to have a go on our bells.  Many favourable comments were made about the bells and we enjoyed having our visitors.

Peal on VE day to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the end of WW2.

A Peal was rung this morning to commemorate the the end of World War 2 in Europe.  Today is the 70th anniversary of VE Day.  5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal in 3 hours and 5 minutes.  More information.........

Ringing Outing to Staffordshire and Cheshire

Our ringing friends at St Leonard’s Wortley held their ringing outing today. 4 of us joined them for the day. We rang at 4 towers, All Saints’ MadeleySt John’s KeeleSt Margaret’s Betley and St Bertoline’s Barthomley.

We also had a ring on a private mini-ring belonging to Phil and Rowena Gay.

A nice lunch was had in the Hand and Trumpet pub in Wrinehill and we finished the day in The White Lion at Barthomley.

Madeley, Keele and Betley are in Staffordshire and Barthomley is in Cheshire so we rang in 2 counties in 1 day too. The photo is St John’s, Keele.





Ecclesfield Ringer Rebecca Married Today - Quarter Peal

Rebecca one of our ringers was married today to Tom Swift and a special quarter peal was rung to mark the occasion.  1344 Plain Bob Major in 48 minutes.  More information...........




Rev. Daniel Hartley's last Service as Vicar of Ecclesfield

A special Quarter Peal was rung this afternoon after Rev. Daniel Hartley's last service as Vicar of Ecclesfield.  1260 Plain Bob Minor in 45 minutes, more information.......

29/03/15 - Palm Sunday Quarter Peal

A Quarter Peal was rung this morning for Plam Sunday.  1320 Plain Bob Minor in 43 minutes.  More information......

28/03/15 - Ringing Meeting

Some of our team were ringing at 2 towers this afternoon along with ringers from the Sheffield Branch of the YACR. First tower was the 6 at St James, Barlborough. The second was the 8 bell tower of All Hallows, Harthill. The photo is Barlborough Church.

26/03/15 - Quarter Peal rung half muffled prior to the reinterment of King Richard the III in Leicester Cathedral

A Quarter Peal was rung on the morning by the ringers in the photo below for the reinterment of King Richard the III in Leicester Cathedral.1280 Plain Bob Major in 47 minutes.  More information......

15/03/15 - Quarter Peal for Mothering Sunday and Kath's Birthday

A Quarter Peal was rung after the morning service to celebrate Mothering Sunday and as a birthday compliment to Kath Craven who is one of our ringers.  More information....

07/03/2015 - SUGCR Visit St Mary's

The bells were ringing this morning to welcome people to the coffee morning in the Church but it wasn't our team on duty.  We were pleased to have the Sheffield Universities Guild of Change Ringers visit us on their ringing outing.  We were their first tower of the morning and after leaving us they were going to St Leonard's Wortley to ring on their 8 bells at 11am.  After Wortley the tour continued heading for St Nicholas Bradfield, another 8 bell tower to be followed by lunch in The Old Horns Inn.

SUGCR are holding thier The 56th annual dinner this evening at Tapton Hall, Sheffield.

01/03/15 - Quarter Peal

A Quarter Peal was rung after the morning service to celebrate the baptism of Joseph Patrick Palmer.  1260 Grandsire Triples in 47 minutes.  More information....

16/02/15 - Quarter Peal

A Quarter Peal was rung this evening as a birthday compliment to two of our ringers Rebecca and Andrew who share the same birthday.  1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor in 45 minutes.  More information........

28/01/15 - Ringing at Thrybergh

Some of our team braved the predicted snow and joined in the practice night at St Leonard's, Thrybergh.  We improved our skills ringing Cambridge Surprise Minor and had a good evening of ringing on the light ground floor 6.  Use this link for more  Thrybergh Church info.....

25/01/15 - Special Ringing

After the morning service we arranged to ring the bells for especially for The Conversion of St Paul and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Winston Churchill.  The method was Stedman Triples, 289 changes were rung.  More information.....

12/01/15 - Quarter Peal

A Quarter Peal was rung this evening as a 70th birthday compliment to Arthur Gilpin and a 69th birthday compliment to Neil Semley.  1280 Plain Bob Major in 49 minutes.  More information with this link to Bellboard

03/01/15 - Ringing Meeting

Members of our team were ringing at the two Cathedrals in Sheffield today.  It was the AGM of the Sheffield Branch of the Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers. Joined by ringers from towers in the Sheffield and Rotherham area we had a ring on the 8 bells of St Marie’s Catholic Cathedral on Norfolk Row. This was followed by the AGM and ringers’ tea of hot pies and mushy peas. In the evening we were ringing at Sheffield Anglican Cathedral on the 12 bells there.

A Happy and Peaceful New Year.

A Happy and Peaceful New Year to Everyone from the Ringers at St Mary’s Ecclesfield.
As you may have heard if you live locally, we rang out the old year and after striking the 12 blows of midnight we rang in the New Year. All 10 bells sounding out over Ecclesfield signalling the start of 2015. As usual we celebrated with some champagne and fired off a few party poppers. Keeping this tradition going is important to us, ringing in the new year with tower bells is done at countless numbers of churches throughout the UK and world-wide.

Photos taken after ringing at midnight of the ringers who rang the bells.